Anthropologie Kitchen Products Under $20

How to be extra without paying extra

From delicate Champagne flutes to a spoon rest hand-painted in a Missouri barn, Anthropologie knows trendy. But the aesthetically pleasing store also knows expensive price tags. So to help you achieve your kitchen design goals without burning a hole through your bank account, here are our favorite Anthropologie kitchen products, each under $20.  

① Glimmer Ring Coaster, $6


Copper is always on trend, its most popular incarnation being a Moscow Mule vessel. This coaster will give your cocktail (and home) extra glimmer. 

② Petal Palette Monogram Mug, $7

Monogrammed necklaces are so middle school. But a mug with your initials on it is definitely in, especially as a subtle way to declare your property from your cup-stealing roommate.

③ Mini Latte Bowl Set, $12 for four


Don't waste time with a cardboard cup when you can drink your latte from a bowl. Just think of it like a caffeinated bowl of soup.

④ Sante Flut, $16

Champagne is fancy enough to begin with, but these patterned flutes will bring  you from plain old pinky up to downright royalty.

⑤ Compagnon Spoon Rest, $12


Keep your cooking station neat with this French-inspired, hedgehog-adorned piece that's as adorable as it is useful.

⑥ Jardiniere Oven Mitt, $14

Anyone with a solid-color oven mitt knows the second you get a stain on it, you can never unsee it. But bright colors and floral patterns will make stains magically disappear—and let you put off doing laundry for just a bit longer.

⑦ Petalpress Rolling Pin, $18

Stick this Missouri artist-made roller in the freezer before you roll out pastry or scones: The stoneware keeps its cool better than a wooden roller and will help prevent the butter from melting as you work. 

⑧ Amber Mason Jar Candle, $18

Keep any unwanted kitchen smells at bay with the unique aromas of this hand-poured mason jar candle.

⑨ Lena Dish Towel, $20

Pops of color in this bright and cheery dish towel will make your kitchen feel like party central every day.

⑩ Dottie Honey Pot, $20

Try telling us this honey pot isn't one of the cutest things you've ever seen. Add it to your counter to transform your kitchen into the Hundred Acre Wood and prepare to find yourself consuming a lot more honey.

⑪ Epsilon Salt & Pepper Shaker $20

Your most-used seasonings deserve the most beautiful homes.