Whisky Advent Calendar 2017

Because 24 days of wine just isn't enough

Though we'll never turn down one of those chocolate advent calendars from our youth, after a certain age, one can only get away with so many Charlie Brown- and Santa-themed sweets. And if that Aldi wine calendar wasn't quite adult enough for you, perhaps you should consider the newest boozy take on the holiday season: the whisky calendar. 

Produced by Drinks by the Dram, the alcoholic countdown to Christmas includes adorably sized bottles of carefully curated spirits, ranging from "50 year old Scotch to superb Irish and American whiskeys." (So, no, this isn't just 24 shots of cheap, plastic-handle booze.)

Not a fan of the dark spirit? Drinks by Dram makes an advent calendar for whichever spirit gets your liver excited, whether you're a gin fiend, tequila drinker or rum aficionado. There's even a chile vodka calendar, where each day's dram progressively gets hotter and hotter, from jalapeño-level heat on day one to a final dose as hot as a habanero pepper. 

If you're the type of person who isn't exactly the monogamous imbiber, with 88 days left to Christmas, you could knock out a few of these calendars come December 25.