Disney Vacation Club's Copper Creek Cabins

Just pretend it's camping (without the, er, camping)

Sometimes, even the most coddling glampsites aren't enough to keep you fully protected from the wilderness (or convince you to spend a night outside in the first place). So if ritzy, king-size tents aren't ridiculous enough for you to consider sleeping under the stars, perhaps Disney World's version of camping will align with your own expectations. 

OK, calling Disney World's 26 Copper Creek Cabins a campsite is a stretch. But for those looking to dip their pedicured toes into nature (without really stepping foot into nature), these decked-out cabins, which opened earlier this summer, almost let you get away with saying you went camping.

Each luxurious two-bedroom, two-bath cabin is complete with spacious living and dining spaces, a full-sized kitchen, and a screened-in porch equipped with a private hot tub, for when you need to rest from hiking to the top of Space Mountain. Lakefront views mean the only other thing you need is a bit of imagination to pretend you're in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.