Pizza-Themed Gifts & Products

People of the world, slice up your life

Ask any drunken college student or avid couch potato, and they'll tell you pizza isn't just any old meal but a bona fide religion. And as any believer in the circle of life can attest, there's no such thing as too many ways to show your love for the cheesy carb outside that impressive collection of greasy delivery boxes. From gilded pies you can wear around your neck to pepperoni-embroidered backpacks, these pizza-themed products are guaranteed to make your heart melt.


A Pizza My Heart Necklace

If only all pieces of pepperoni came shaped as hearts., $62

Pizza Sleeping Bag

What's better than cuddling up to a warm, gooey slice of pizza? Cuddling inside a warm, gooey slice of pizza., $30

Feed Me Pizza Fleece Throw Pillow

Sure, the tagline on this pillow might not be as traditionally seductive as "Draw me like one of your French girls," but for some (including us), there's no better pickup line., $35

Best Friend Forever Pizza Necklaces

Hopefully your friend group isn't larger than six, or someone's going to be the odd slice out., $6 for six

'Pizza' Crossbody Bag

Sure, you could use it for actual items like house keys or loose change, but you can't deny this leather bag would cradle and insulate a piece of pizza much better than those flimsy plastic pouches., $20

Pizza Bean Bag Chair

Sometimes, we just want to rest our heads on a giant pepperoni pizza, and this eerily photo-realistic bean bag is the answer to our prayers., $66

Pizza Cutting Protractor

Hey, cutting perfectly symmetrical slices can take some advanced trigonometry, which is why we resort to this tool for the most persnickety of pizza lovers., $13

Retreat Backpack

Herschel's pizza-embroidered backpack may be geared toward kids, but that isn't stopping any of us from using it as a workbag., $60

Pizza Fanny Pack

For the fearless who're brave enough to wear fanny packs in public, go the  distance with this extra-neon design, emblazoned with everyone's favorite food group., $17

Pizza Cat Apron

Sometimes it's hard choosing between your two biggest loves in the world, which is where this outfit comes into play., $19

Pizza Round Beach Towel

An extra-large diameter means this towel is perfect for baking in the sun, just like your favorite . . . well, you know., $37