Unlimited Flights To Paris, France

You'll be flying business class, too

For the serious Francophile who's had fantasies of living in France but isn't quite ready to make the move, here's the next best thing you can do: Grab this airline's unlimited flight pass to Paris. 

La Compagnie, a French boutique airline (sidenote: Today, we learned there are luxury boutique airlines) is bringing back its over-the-top deal that offers travelers unlimited flights between New York and Charles de Gaulle Airport for an entire year, Travel + Leisure reports.

Now, of course, unlimited trips back and forth to the City of Light requires a hefty investment—the passes sell for a cool $40,000 each. (A normal round-trip flight to Paris on the luxury airline usually costs around $1,700, meaning you'd have to make the trek to Europe roughly 24 times to break even on your purchase price.) But if you have the funds to spend and like the idea of importing a genuine New York bagel to eat under the twinkle of the Eiffel Tower, then this airline, whose planes have only business-class seats and include onboard wine cellars, can bring you one step closer to fulfilling your Parisian daydreams.

La Compagnie is selling only 10 of these exclusive all-you-can-fly passes (which went on sale today), so if you have a few thousand dollars you need to use up, you better get a move on. Just be sure to check that not too many of your weekends are taken up this year.