'Tasting Table' Advertising And E-Commerce Policy

Tasting Table is an independent editorial publication. To pay the bills and continue to bring you the best in food and drink content every day, we generate revenue in the following ways.

Advertising: Advertising partners can purchase display advertising and native advertising across our site. Display advertising comes in the form of banner ads throughout our website and emails. Native advertising is custom advertorial content that we create in partnership with brands to explain their products or services to our readers in an interesting way. Native advertising is always marked clearly as "Partner Content" or "From Our Sponsor" at the top of any advertorial article on our website. Occasionally, we'll also send you a Partner Tip email from one of our advertisers. These advertorial features are marked clearly as such by the email's subject line and with a note at the top of the article itself. The content of these Partner Tips is paid for by our sponsors and does not reflect the opinions of the Tasting Table editorial staff.

Affiliate Links: In our editorial content, we often recommend products we love that we think our readers will enjoy, from kitchen gadgets to new cookbooks. We use affiliate links, so if you purchase a product recommended by Tasting Table on our website or in our emails, we may earn a small commission from that purchase from merchants such as Amazon. However, we recommend only products we genuinely love—we do not decide to feature products or services only because we receive a fee. We strive to deliver our readers only the best deals and recommendations for food- and drink-related products.

Events: We host many events for culinary enthusiasts, including cooking classes, guest chef dinners and our annual Lobster Roll Rumble, and earn revenue through ticket sales for these events. 

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