Overwater Bungalows You Can Rent

Floating villas = vacation fantasies

Nothing says tropical getaway like a dip in your private plunge pool overlooking an azure lagoon or jumping off your personal sundeck into the inviting waters of the Caribbean. That's right: Overwater bungalows are the stuff of vacation fantasies. So it should come as no surprise that these floating slices of paradise are the latest rental craze. Looking to get away? Scroll on for five fab villas you'll want to book—or at least add to your wish list—ASAP. 

Lindsay Cohn is a freelance ​lifestyle and travel writer​. She ​believes omakase​ is always the right choice and that ​rosé​ season should be all year long. Follow her on Twitter at @Lindsay_Cohn.

Overwater Bungalow N°3

Bora Bora, French Polynesia, $425 a night

People often throw around the phrase vacation like an A-lister, but rarely do they actually mean it. In this case, we do. Overlooking the crystalline waters of Bora Bora, this bungalow—once owned by Jack Nicholson—is good enough for Hollywood royalty . . . and you.

Casa Saraso

Loma Partida, Panama, $75 a night

No that's not a typo; this romantic over-the-water residence—replete with a king-size bed, wraparound porch and outdoor hammocks—is just $75 a night. Translation: You can, in fact, stay a while.

Water Villa

Bali, Indonesia, $196 a night

Though it may not be a true overwater villa in every sense of the word, this two-bedroom is one of the few properties in Bali that's completely surrounded by water. Sure, it's a pool, but that just means no sea creatures to contend with during a late-night swim.

Avani Sepang Gold Coast Resort

Tanjong Sepat, Malaysia, $174 a night

Perched above the calm waters of the Strait of Malacca, west of Malaysia, this two-bedroom villa is equipped with a queen-size bed and private terrace. There's no kitchen; the attached resort has plenty of dining options.

Casa Ventanas

Cayo Espanto, Belize, $1,978 a night

Set on the exclusive island resort of Cayo Espanto, three miles off the coast of Belize, Casa Ventanas promises carefree luxury—and, boy, does it deliver. From custom furnishings to glass floor panels, this one-bedroom bungalow is appointed with every imaginable comfort—plus some that haven't even crossed your mind.