Pickle-Flavored Beer

This is kind of a big dill

While the pickle might be a love-it-or-hate-it food, if you're the type of person who's into briny ice pops on a hot summer day, pickle-flavored soda and pickle juice by the gallon, there's a beverage sweeping the Minnesota State Fair that has your name written all over it: Dill Pickle Ale. 

You can thank Barley John's Brewing Company (based in New Richmond, Wisconsin) for the creation, which has become the unexpected hit of the fair, overshadowing all the other deep-fried, heart-stopping delicacies we usually have our eyes on. Derived from the brewery's Little Barley Session Ale, the beer is dry hopped with dill, horseradish and all the spices used in a classic pickle brine, John Moore, owner of the brewery, tells Today Food.

Thankfully, the beer doesn't taste like you're drinking the carbonated remnants of a pickle jar (as much as that might appeal to some of you).

"We wanted an awesome beer you could drink several of and still not get tired of the flavor. This kept us a [sic] away from just dumping pickle juice in the beer or getting out of control with too much dill and flavors," Moore says.