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Upgrade your home bar game

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Once you've graduated from red Solo cups and plastic liquor bottles, building up a serious, grown-up home bar can become a dedicated hobby. But what's next after you've nabbed that sought-after bottle of Japanese whisky and the latest Death Star ice mold?

These five genius Kickstarter campaigns—which, thankfully, don't involve funding someone to drink a Red Bull in every state—are the solutions you need when it's time to take your home bar game to the next level.

The Manual Cocktail Collection

Contrary to your childhood memories, not all decanters are like the dusty, diamond-patterned vases that sat on your uncle's mirrored shelves. This handblown set includes lids that double as jiggers for measuring cocktails, while the frosted glasses are classy enough for your most prized Scotch (or cheapest bottle of Fireball whiskey—you choose).


Attached to the bottom of this thermos lid is a reservoir for five ounces of your favorite spirit—a press of the button on top drops half an ounce into your awaiting mixer down below, for when your discrete, on-the-go libation could use a little extra boost.


Think of Bartesian as your Keurig's younger, wilder sister who's there when you get home from work: Four alchemist-like reservoirs hold stores of rum, tequila, gin and vodka, while a collection of Keurig-style pods provides the mixers for a variety of classic cocktails. Simply adjust the dosage of booze (from a restrained Tuesday-night serving to a stiff start to a Friday) before watching the sleek gadget drip a perfectly proportioned cocktail into your awaiting glass.

The Aviary Cocktail Book

Leave it to Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas, the duo behind Alinea in Chicago, to  modernize even the way we publish cookbooks. Circumventing traditional publishing houses means no expenses will be spared in bringing this lush coffee-table tribute to their legendary cocktail bar, the Aviary, to life. Consider this the modern bible all boozehounds should be required to study.


If the only type of infused spirit you're familiar with is blue raspberry or cake vodka, it's time to say goodbye to your beloved UV and grab an Alkemista. An ultrafine metal filter (that screws onto the glass bottle's base) filters out any particulates from the fruit, spices and herbs you're using to flavor your spirit, making it an all-in-one gadget for your homemade infusions.