The Best Way To Grind Black Pepper

Upgrade your dishes with this one simple trick

Spices always taste better when they're freshly ground, which is why tools like the pepper grinder come in handy for adding freshly ground black pepper to a dish. In addition to lasting longer, grinding spices shortly before using them releases more potent flavors and aromas. But during a visit to the office from Robert Irivne, the celebrity chef shared why you'll never catch him using the aforementioned tool—and what you should be using instead to get the most from your peppercorns.

Swap your regular pepper grinder for a coffee grinder.

Irvine prefers a coffee or spice grinder, because it heats up the peppercorns while grinding, really bringing out the flavor and aromatics. According to Irvine, pepper from a regular grinder "tastes like sawdust"—and no one wants that. Start practicing on your favorite fish, chicken and side dish recipes.