Target's California Roots $5 Wine

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California Roots is Target's line of value wines, with none of its bottles priced at over $5 (without tax). The label, which is affiliated with Trinchero Family Estates, originally promised to offer guests "delicious, high-quality everyday bottled wine at great value" when it was introduced in 2017, and it does not appear to have strayed far from that promise. 

Target says wines have mostly been rated either a "good" or "very good" Best Buy by Wine Enthusiast. California Roots made its debut by offering five wines: chardonnay, pinot grigio, moscato, red blend, and cabernet sauvignon, although the line has since expanded to include a pink moscato, a rosé, a sauvignon blanc, and a sangria.

While the wines are all said to be crushed from grapes grown in California, the state does have 139 wine-growing regions including Napa Valley, Mendocino Ridge, and Sonoma Valley — and it was not made clear exactly where the grapes were sourced. And while these wines might not catch the attention of more discriminating wine drinkers, they are more than adequate for those who might be looking for a decent bottle to beat the hot summer heat with.

California Roots Chardonnay

Don't be surprised if you hear different people saying different things about their favorite chardonnay. This white wine has been described as a blank slate, whose flavor is derived from the qualities of the region its grapes are grown in or terroir. This explains why chardonnay grapes that are grown in different regions have different flavors: cooler regions generally produce wines that have a citrus undertone, while wines from warmer areas give fans a more tropical flavor. Some of the best California chardonnays are acidic with a fruity flavor that combines apple and lemon, as well as a hint of flowery honeysuckle.

Chardonnays can cost upwards of $50 a bottle, making California Roots chardonnay a true bargain. Vivino users who rated the wine's flavor said it was bold rather than light, and neither dry nor sweet. And while Chardonnays are meant to be more acidic, California Roots chardonnay is softer, with notes of oak, peach, pear, and apple. Despite its flavor departure from what a California chardonnay is expected to be, drinkers rated it a respectable 3.6 and considered it a good value for money. Target says this chardonnay works well with an artisanal cheese platter.

California Roots Pinot Grigio

There's a reason pinot grigio (aka pinot gris) is rated the second most popular wine in the country after Chardonnay. The best types of pinot grigio can be dry, floral, fruity and refreshing; this wine is easy to enjoy, and with notes that can include green apple, lemon, pear, and grapefruit. But the blue label California Roots pinot grigio drew mixed reviews, with some critics pointing out that the wine's fruity profile "tastes artificial, like Sprite." The wine was also called out for its low acidity per VinePair

Still, there is no faulting a cheap bottle of wine, and drinkers didn't seem to mind this modest California white. Those who went on Vivino gave it 3.5 stars out of five, with one user pointing out that its $5 price point made it a wine worth buying and drinking again. Drinkers also recommended drinking the wine with spicy food, while Target says this wine goes well with salads and seafood.

California Roots Moscato

Those of us who are into sweet wines can't say enough good things about Moscato. The best of this fun, light wine is fruity and citrusy with sweet lemon and orange blossom notes. Moscato isn't boozy as other wines –  5.5% to 10% for moscato versus 13% ABV for French Champagne or Spanish Cava. It also comes in several styles: sparkling, still, pink, and red. An even sweeter form of dessert wine is produced in France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Australia.

Of all the California Roots wines available at Target, the moscato is highly rated by drinkers and by Wine Enthusiast, which gave it 83 points. The wine itself is said to have peach and melon flavors, while some drinkers say they detect a note of apple. They also call the wine a "solid choice" that is best consumed cold. While Target has said the wine can be consumed with dessert, some users have said it is best when it is drunk on its own.

California Roots Red Blend

We've heard of pinot noir and syrah, as well as merlot and cabernet sauvignon. These wines are all made with single varieties of grapes. But when you marry some of these grapes together, you get a Red Blend, a type of wine that reflects efforts by winemakers to come up with a balanced wine that is neither too sweet nor too dry. You'd recognize European Red Blends by the names they carry: Bordeaux, Chianti, and Rioja. 

The best American Red Blends are described as full-bodied, with notes of berry, vanilla, chocolate, and coffee, depending on the label. To that end, you won't get anything less from California Roots' Red Blend, which Target says has both berry and cherry flavors, as well as soft tannins so it has a more delicate mouthfeel. Most drinkers describe the wine as bold, fairly dry, as well as fairly acidic, and good with meats like beef and lamb.

California Roots Cabernet Sauvignon

Ask someone to pick a red wine made from a single grape, and chances are they'll say cabernet sauvignon. The world's most popular red wine is made with grapes that are found everywhere — from the U.S. West Coast to France and Italy, Australia, and pockets of South America. 

Like chardonnay, there is no typical flavor for a cabernet sauvignon, because the grape takes the flavors of the region it is grown in. But the wine has a general flavor profile that incorporates bell peppers and a range of dark berries, cherries, and chocolate. Cabernet is also said to have medium tannins and medium acidity.

Vivino users describe California roots' Cabernet as being bold, tannic, dry, as well as mildly acidic, with hints of cherry, blackberry, and vanilla. One fan even praised the wine for being "an enjoyable California Cab at a great price point." Target recommends this wine for hearty, red meat-oriented meals like steaks and burgers.