How To Make The Best Burger Patty

The master butcher shares his juicy secrets

Everyone has an opinion on what makes the perfect burger. From choice of meat to cooking method to toppings, there are many ways to serve juicy, crowd-pleasing hamburgers. Even if you've been practicing all summer, there's always a new trick or two that will help you take things to the next level.

Master butcher Pat LaFrieda, owner of America's premier meatpacking business, shares with us his top three tips for making the perfect burger at home.

① The size of the cooked patty should be the same size as the bun.

Using the bun as a guide, form a slightly larger patty, which accounts for shrinkage as the meat cooks. Once the burger is done cooking, you'll have the perfect bun-to-burger ratio.

② Season every inch of the patty, including the sides.

Be generous as you season your patty with salt and pepper, making sure to go all the way to the edges of the burger. Then, flip the burger on its side and roll it in any extra seasoning on your pan or cutting board.

③ Let the burger rest after it's done.

Just like a good steak, resting burgers is key. LaFrieda says this stops the meat from overcooking, while allowing the burger to come to room temperature. Wait about 5-6 minutes then dig in.