Rosé Wine In Pouches

Perfect for adult lunch boxes

Sometimes we wish we could just relive the glory days of noon-time Lunchables and sipping from packs of Capri Sun until we forget that being over 21 carries with it some undeniable perks. For those who need the perfect compromise, Electric Rosé Wine Co. has the perfect solution: rosé that comes in pouches just like the ones Mom packed in your lunches.

According to Delish, the pink, not-so-kid-friendly juice comes in six packs that are roughly equivalent to one and a half bottles of wine. The rosé also happens to be a bit boozier than your average dollar can at 12.5 percent ABV, so one pouch is definitely more than enough to tide you over after your work-league soccer game.

Nostalgic gimmicks aside, we're surprised no one thought of this earlier: You can't spill sand into pouches of rosé, they're spill proof unlike aluminum cans and they don't take up an awkward amount of space the way clunky glass bottles do. For the time being, these boozy pouches are available only in certain states, though according to Electric Rosé's site, its distribution is growing daily.