Affordable & Stylish Dining Room Tables

We're talking your own table for less than $500

Let's face it, your dining table takes a beating—and if you have kids, they've likely already destroyed it with colored markers and pasta sauce. Clearly, you've learned by now that this isn't an area to invest in. But don't despair—you can get totally chic tables for a low price, and these stylish selections will keep you from feeling frustrated when the table inevitably gets scratched and scuffed. We've rounded up some affordable options that won't run you more than $500.

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Compass Dining Table, CB2, $400

This sculptural piece is perfect for your tight space. Host plenty of dinner parties at this slick, high-gloss round table—and don't feel guilty about the price.

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Lode Dining Table, Modway Furniture, $167

This light and airy dining table is easy to fit in just about any home. The white beech wood is neutral enough to work with almost any set of chairs, and the price is really reasonable—leaving you with enough room in your budget to buy a great rug.

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Cision Dining Table, Modway Furniture, $471.50

If you're on the hunt for a table that makes a statement, we have just the one for you—the rubberwood legs on this unique number cross one another in a stylish (and seemingly effortless) manner. The dark wood also gives the table an added edge of sophistication.

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Sync Bar Table, Modway Furniture, $115

Minimalists, this one's for you. If you're short on space, consider this high-top bar table—it's a small-space solution that's perfect for renters. The steel plated legs are seriously chic, and the glass top is easy to wipe off.

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Odyssey White Dining Table, CB2, $200

Let this table be as versatile as it looks—scramble up some eggs and enjoy your breakfast here, or use it as a desk for your computer when you work from home. Its simple shape and neutral color goes with everything, and it's a steal at under $200.

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Sylvan Wood Top Bar Table, Modway Furniture, $333.50

If your style leans a little more rustic, consider this unique find—the solid pine wood top sits on a cast iron frame, evoking a farmhouse feel. Imagine sitting at this table to enjoy a warm cup of coffee every morning.

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Drive Round Wood Top Dining Table, Modway Furniture, $484.50

This industrial table mixes with modern designs well, and the metal pedestal base perfectly meets the round pine wood top. While it isn't extremely common to find, the single stand base has slowly been gaining popularity. Pull a handful of chairs up at this unique find, and enjoy some adult drinks with a few of your closest friends.

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Lippa Square Walnut Dining Table, Modway Furniture, $464

We simply can't get enough of white mixed with wood. This striking combination will be popular for years to come, so you should do yourself a favor and get a design that will stand the test of time. This table will truly stand out, especially since the pedestal base pairing with the square top is so uncommon.

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Brace Dining Table, Modway Furniture, $419

Host your next dinner party with this special number: We can already imagine a large and delicious spread scattered all over the table top.

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Tilt Dining Table, Modway Furniture, $357.50

First impressions are everything, and this table makes our jaws drop. The powder coated aluminum legs provide a striking contrast to the oval, tempered glass top.

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Titus Dining Table Rustic Wood, Zuo Modern, $338

This rustic wood table is just what your kitchen's been craving. The galvanized metal legs make for a pleasing combination of materials, and the wooden top spruces up the space. You definitely don't need high prices to achieve high style.

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Tempera Circular Dining Table, Modway Furniture, $165.50

If you're on a serious budget, this is the table for you—so when you're ready to upgrade in a few years, you won't feel guilty about getting rid of it.

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