Should I Wash An Avocado Before Eating It?

This is one important step you can't skip

Most of us are accustomed to washing fruits and vegetables whose skins get eaten, like apples and zucchini, but we tend to neglect produce that gets peeled before consuming. The truth is, there's a very important reason why you should be washing all produce—even the kind with tough skins, like avocados.

Harmful chemicals and bacteria can get spread from handling if you don't wash an avocado before peeling it.

Take a second to think about how many places and hands likely came in contact with your avocado before it made it to your kitchen. Even if you aren't eating the skin, you can easily spread harmful pesticides and bacteria with your hands.

In the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources' guide to peeling and pitting an avocado, it says to "thoroughly wash the fruit" with distilled warm water for about 15 seconds before peeling, gently scrubbing the outside to remove any residue.

Now you can grab a chip and dive into that bowl of guacamole without a care in the world.