Best Food Shows & Documentaries On Hulu

We've got your weekend all planned out

As it turns out, one cannot live on just one streaming video service alone. (We spent plenty of time testing this theory.) For weekends when the Chopped reruns on TV just won't cut it, here are eight of the best food shows and documentaries on Hulu that are well worth the subscription. (We consider episodes of The Bachelorette a bonus.)

Top Chef Masters

Ever imagine what would happen if all the contestants on Top Chef were a little less, er, green? You'd end up with Top Chef Masters, which features the world's most renowned chefs like Ludo Lefebvre and Anita Lo going head-to-head. With these experts in the kitchen, even the everyday Quickfire challenge is as intense as a season two finale.

Photo: Paul Cheney/Bravo

Ants on a Shrimp

Follow René Redzepi and the Noma crew as they relocate the acclaimed restaurant across the world to Tokyo for a five-week pop-up. Seeing the always-composed Michelin-starred chef take on the challenge of opening a brand-new restaurant in 40 days (and seeing him lose his cool on a few occasions) makes this the one Redzepi documentary worth watching.

Photo: Peter Brinch

Food Fetish

Go behind the scenes with venerable New York City chefs as they reveal the secrets behind your favorite dishes, from The Meatball Shop's comforting staples to Katz's legendary pastrami. Think of it as a more upscale version of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, sans bowling shirt and bleached spiky hair.  

Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The F Word

Take Gordon Ramsay out of the reality-fueled box of American TV and back into the airwaves of British television, and you'll find a down-to-earth, wittier and (gasp) less intimidating chef. Watching Ramsay train celebrities and amateur chefs to cook in his restaurant will soon have you realize that, like the original Office, this OG version of The F Word blows its U.S. counterpart out of the water.

Photo: FOX/Getty Images

After Hours with Daniel Boulud

Consider this Daniel Boulud's version of after-work drinks with friends; that is, if your version of after-work drinks involves elaborate, multicourse dinners and heavy-hitting celebrity chefs for friends.

Photo: Daniel Krieger

City of Gold

Los Angeles doesn't have just perpetual sunshine to hang over our heads. Equal parts a love letter to La La Land and tribute to the quirky brilliance that is LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold, the documentary follows Gold as he ventures throughout various neighborhoods, honoring the best food the multicultural city has to offer.

Photo: City of Gold via Facebook

At the Fork

Best watched on a Meatless Monday, At the Fork is a surprisingly nonjudgmental, preach-free look into how America raises animals for food, as the filmmakers explore both the ethical and economical dilemmas our country's farmers face.

Photo: At the Fork via Facebook

Kampai! For the Love of Sake

If the only word you can associate with sake is bomb, then consider this your next boozy homework assignment. Watch as an American expat journalist, a British-born sake master and fifth-generation Japanese brewer explore the history of Japan's most well-known libation.

Photo: Kampai Movie via YouTube

Chopped Junior

There's nothing like watching junior high kids cook three-star dinners to remind us how inadequate we are in the kitchen—especially as we sit on the couch with our Seamless order.

Photo: Chopped via Facebook