Rent An Irish Pub On Airbnb

Question: Is alcohol included?

Ever enjoy yourself a little too much at the pub that you wish you could just crash and spend the night? That whiskey-scented fantasy can now become a reality, thanks to what might be our favorite Airbnb rental of all time in Tipperary, Ireland.

A cozy Irish pub converted into a Guinness lover's dream rental, Conroy's Old Bar is a two-bedroom flat that comes complete with a wood-burning fireplace, faded dartboard and full-sized wood-paneled bar where you can live out your alter ego as snappy Irish bartender. The home, which sleeps four (not counting those extra friends who're too tipsy to make it home), is surprisingly affordable, too, at $121 a night. 

According to, the bar unfortunately doesn't have a liquor license, making this a BYOB situation. (This also means you can't invite random strangers in for a few rounds of Jameson.) Nevertheless, this is yet another Airbnb rental to add to your bucket list.