When Is 'The Hamilton Cookbook' Coming Out?

See what it's like to eat like Alexander Hamilton

Calling all Hamilton fans: Whether you were lucky enough to see the musical in person or just find yourself listening to the soundtrack religiously at home, this news is going to make you very happy.

A cookbook, inspired by the Founding Father, will hit shelves this November. Simply titled The Hamilton Cookbook, it will give readers a closer look at what Alexander Hamilton's favorite foods were and how he liked them prepared. The book will also include tips and recipes like cauliflower florets two ways, and fried sausages and apples, so fans can "recreate a meal Hamilton might have eaten after a Revolutionary War battle or as he composed the Federalist Papers."

Now you'll know what it feels like to have dinner with Hamilton—metaphorically, of course. Just think how many Hamilton-themed dinner parties you can throw. Preorder your copy now, as we predict these might sell out fast—just like the show.

Photo: Amazon