The World's Strongest Beer

This is the beer you probably shouldn't be drinking like, well, beer

There's nothing like taking down a lager in just a few icy gulps, but trust us when we say that Snake Venom, a beer from Scotland-based brewery Brewmeister, is no Coors Light.

At an astounding 67.5 percent ABV, the "beer" clocks in at a higher booze content than most of the other hard liquors sitting on top of your fridge, Thrillist reports. (For reference, tequila, vodka and whiskey, the holy trinity of college hangovers, each average at a rather plebeian 40 percent ABV.)

Described as having a "sweet, nutty aroma, a fruity flavour and fiery, intense finish," Snake Venom was first concocted in 2013 as an export to other markets before recently being rereleased for distribution in the UK. (Sorry, this beer is off-limits for us stateside folks, which may be a good thing in the end.)

A spokesperson for the brewery tells Thrillist that unlike other beers, the English barley wine's content is actually too high for it to hold onto bubbles the same way normal beers can. The bottle, which retails for roughly $76, comes with a glaringly yellow warning tag, recommending one cautiously enjoy this brew in shot glass-sized measures versus, you know, actual pint glass servings.