Best Way To Organize & Store Recipes

Hey Siri, call Pie Crust

This might just be the one time when the eggplant emoji really means, well, eggplant.

If you struggle with keeping your recipes in order, follow this tip from Lifehacker: Store them as contacts in your phone, so you can reference them anytime. Food writer Adam Erace Tweeted screenshots of his phone, showing how he uses the Notes section in Contacts to type out the recipe, and even the color-coded binder lovers among us are converted.

You're attached at the thumb to your smartphone anyway, and your recipes will get conveniently sorted in alphabetical order without you having to hum the ABC's to yourself.

This trick doesn't work, however, if you surround yourself with deliciously named humans or have more than one trusty roast chicken recipe. It's OK; we won't tell the side chick.