Trader Joe's Best New Products August 2017

Get yourself to the closest TJ's immediately

One of the best things about Trader Joe's, other than the 19-cent bananas, is the never-ending rotation of new products. Every month, there's a new coffee concoction or granola that quickly becomes part of our daily routine. Here are our favorite new items worth adding to your shopping cart this month.

Chocolate Filled Crêpes ($3)

It's hard to say no to dessert, especially when it involves chocolate-filled crepes. Dress them up with sweet toppings like whipped cream or berries, and you'll have yourself a little slice of Paris in your own kitchen.

Organic Purple Maize Flakes ($4)

Replace your boring bowl of cereal with purple maize flakes. Made with organic purple corn flour and brown rice flour, they are naturally gluten free. Plus, each one-cup serving provides three grams of fiber and four grams of protein, so you'll start your day on the right foot.

Ranch Seasoned Crispy Chickpeas ($3)

Ditch potato chips for a healthier snack like these crispy chickpeas. They are fried in canola and safflower oils, and then tossed in a coating made with buttermilk, parsley, onion, tomato and other spices for optimal ranch flavor.

Goat's Milk Cheese Medallions Marinated in Herbs ($5)

TJ's cheese section never lets us down, and now we have another favorite to add to our list. This goat cheese is mixed with canola oil, EVOO and herbs including thyme and rosemary for a spread you can swipe on everything from crackers to sandwiches.

Coconut Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate ($5)

If you're craving cold-brew ice coffee but don't want to shell out at your local coffee shop, this product is for you. It has a hint of coconut, so it is naturally sweet and less bitter than the other stuff. And since this 16-ounce bottle is enough to make about four beverages when mixed with milk or water, you'll have plenty of dough left over to splurge on iced coffee's best friend: a breakfast sandwich.

Cultured Coconut Milk ($1.50)

Whether you're dairy free or just want to swap your morning yogurt for something a little different, this product is a nice alternative. It contains dairy-free probiotics and comes in blueberry and vanilla flavors.

Chicken & Mushroom Pelmeni ($4)

TJ's helps you get dinner on the table in less time than you'll wait in the checkout line with these chicken-and-mushroom-stuffed dumplings. Bonus: With 52 pieces in each bag, you can make them all and have some left over for lunch the next day.