Where To Buy Prosecco Pong

For those parties where you want to be classy but not too classy

We may not have aced our modern philosophy final or learned to file taxes completely on our own while we were in college, but if there's one life skill we definitely gleaned from those four years, it's how to sink a ping-pong ball into that last-standing Solo cup. 

Alas, most of us are now a bit too old to be grabbing a 30-rack like it's spring break senior year, which is why the geniuses at Talking Table, a party supply store based in Texas, created a version of beer pong suited for environments other than alcohol-soaked basements and sticky apartment kitchens.

Available for $25, Prosecco Pong provides everything you need for a classier version of your favorite early-20s drinking game, including 12 plastic Champagne coupes and a set of vividly pink, millennial-approved ping-pong balls. All that's left to do is grab some budget-friendly sparkling wine and write up a dainty list of house rules.