How To Make Dips And Sauces For Grilling

From meat to veggies, these simple combos put a new twist on your favorite flavors

There are very few things that can't be improved when cooked on the grill. (We're even grilling cocktails this season.) But while the flames and smoke help give meat, veggies and fruit so much flavor, they can also make everything taste a bit similar. Whether you're cooking for one or a crowd, the easiest way to add variety to your year-round grilling menu is to change up the sauces and dips you serve on the side.

No, you don't need to load up on bottles of the premade stuff. Rather, learn to master three easy and versatile sauces and dips with this handy infographic. Each builds on familiar cookout favorites—barbecue sauce, salsa and guac—and layers in delicious and flavorful twists with a great pantry staple—canned pineapple.

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In the barbecue sauce recipe, pineapple adds a subtle sweetness that's a welcome change from the bottled stuff. Pour it over chicken or pulled jackfruit.

In guacamole, crushed or diced pineapple adds zest to the avocado and gives the overall flavor a hint of acidity. (It's a pairing we also love in Carolina Gold Pineapple Pulled Pork Sliders.) Pineapple also helps round out the sharpness of the red onion, the spice of the chile and the acidity of the lime. Serve as is with tortilla chips or slather it on sandwiches as a tangy spread.

Pineapple also balances heat beautifully, which is why it pairs well with the spicy cayenne pepper in the Caribbean Spice Chicken. And in salsas, pineapples can stand in for tomatoes. Prep a batch to finish off grilled chicken or fish, or serve it with nachos.