Smoothie Ideas With Dole Canned Pineapple Juice

These creative blends are great for breakfast, but you'll want them any time of day

Whether you're whipping one up for a morning meal or as a snack, there's no denying that a smoothie is one of the most effortless (and tastiest) ways to get your fruit fix. Yet, it's easy to fall into a rut and opt for the same old mix of fruit and protein powder or yogurt. When you need a little pizzazz, try DOLE® Canned Pineapple Juice.

This pantry staple works brilliantly for summer cocktails like Piña Coladas, but the 100 percent juice also makes it a great base for smoothies, especially when blended with plain yogurt. From there, let your imagination run wild.

Need some help getting started? Try the Virgin Mango Margarita, a sweet, subtly spicy smoothie that includes chopped mango and a glass rimmed with salt, sugar and chile powder. The hint of heat brings out the ripe, honeyed flavors of the pineapple juice and mango.

Pineapple also pairs wonderfully with mint, a combo that shines in not only a Pineapple Mojito, but a Mint Lime Banana smoothie as well. Add a banana, lime zest and two tablespoons of mint leaves to the base, and blend; the sweet–tart notes of pineapple help unify the tangy flavors.

For something different, mix the classic summer–salad trifecta of strawberries, basil and balsamic with a pineapple–yogurt smoothie base. To see these smoothie recipes in action, watch the video above—and be sure your blender is within reach.