Airbnb Enchanted Cave Rental

Embrace your adventurous side and enjoy some peace and quiet

Spending a night in a standard hotel can be relaxing; however, if you're looking for an experience that's a little more outside the box, we have another idea that's going to blow your mind. In addition to renting private islands and tree houses on Airbnb, you can also spend a night in an enchanted private cave.

Located in the Blue Mountains of Australia, the cave is built on a natural rock platform with breathtaking views. Inside, it is extremely rustic and cozy, equipped with a fireplace, hot tub, small kitchen and one bed.

Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the scenic location with hikes around the area and swimming in the river nearby during certain seasons. Wake up to beautiful sunrises in the morning and gaze at the starry night skies in the evening.

It's perfect for a couple looking to unplug and get away, and can all be yours for just about a $900 a night.

This article was updated with additional content on 7/27/2017.