Where To Buy Applant aTree

Unless you don't mind having a large tree in your living room

Having an edible garden pays off twofold: You'll never have to schlep a 10-pound watermelon home from the grocery again, and you get to grow fresh produce you can feel good about. However, for those who don't have free land to till outside, the gardening has to happen indoors. Now, a new indoor gardening solution has hit Indiegogo, and it's a massive (seriously, it's huge) solution to growing your own fruits and veggies.

The aTree is a vertical gardening structure designed by Australian company Applant. Built with a large basin on its top, aTree mists water through its "trunk," delivering it directly to the roots of the plants that call it home. Any unused liquid is filtered back up to the main basin and sent through the cycle again. Because of its lack of soil, the aTree uses significantly less water than traditional farming methods and even reduces the chance of soilborne parasites and pests, Applant says.

So what's the catch for this "tree in your home?" Well, that's just it: It's basically a tree. And it lives inside your home. This is no windowsill herb garden: The aTree is a massive unit, seemingly occupying about as much space as a refrigerator. Those squeezed into studio apartments need not apply.

However, if you have the space and want to be on the cutting edge of indoor gardening, you can fund aTree through its Indiegogo page for a cool $598.