Cheap Flights To Europe (Paris & London For $99)

You can start booking tickets now

You want to spend a spontaneous week in London, sipping afternoon tea and visiting Buckingham Palace? That's great! But in between pricy international flights and scrounging for occasional deals that come and go in 24 hours or less, visiting Europe on the cheap isn't the simplest affair.  

Meet Primera Air, the budget airline based in Denmark and Latvia that recently announced it will be offering $99, one-way flights to Europe, starting in spring of 2018. According to Condé Nast Traveler, the flights will run each week from Newark and Boston to Birmingham, London and Paris.

Of course, like all budget carriers, a few extra fees are to be expected (for instance, checking a bag will cost you $45, and another $45 will give you the privilege of picking your own seat). For some passengers used to business-class amenities, these extra charges can quickly outweigh the savings, but for those who don't mind packing light, it's hard to deny what a steal these tickets—which you can start purchasing now—are for a trip across the globe.

Also, unlike some other wallet-friendly airlines, Primera's planes do include some niceties for your transatlantic crossing, including electrical outlets and, more importantly, Wi-Fi. Before you residents outside the Northeast start to bang your heads against the keyboard, remember that sometimes it can still be cheaper to board a domestic flight to the East Coast before catching Primera Air's sub-$100 flight to Europe.