'Beer For Her' Backfires

Find out why this beer has brew-loving ladies ticked off

It's no secret women enjoy a tall pint just as much as the next guy (literally). But with all these big, heavy beers on the market today, women in the drinking community need a high-fashion, high-heels equivalent of the humble canned beer—or at least that's what Czech beer brand Aurosa wants you to think.

Dubbing it the first "beer for her"—whatever that means—this "premium lifestyle beer" is a semi-dark Czech-style lager the brand says is engineered specifically for women drinkers.

According to Aurosa's website, "Aurosa is a representation of a woman's strength and a girl's tenderness" and intends to stand for "phenomenal women," who the company describes as disregarded in the beer community. Apparently, that means an expensive, "high-design" Czech ale, rather than, you know, a normal beer.

The approach quickly fell flat and sparked a stir on the web as drinkers shot back at Aurosa's latest offering.

Amid the controversy, the Prague-based brand responded with a statement on its official Instagram. In it, they write, "Our goal is to create a beautiful product in order to support women's femininity and elegance. If you dont like it, we are truly sorry to not have you on our side, however we remain truthful to our product."

It's not surprising that in the world of beer—which often has a boys' club image—women brewers and drinkers don't enjoy being patronized. Try again next time, Aurosa.