Lay's Do Us A Flavor Chips 2017

(And weirder than ever)

Whether it's trusty barbecue or always-dependable sour cream and onion, we all have a go-to potato chip flavor when it comes time to sit in front of the TV. And though some of us might turn our heads to more polarizing varieties out there—we're looking at you, salt and vinegar—even the most controversial flavors are downright mundane in comparison to Lay's newest batch of chips.

In a recent press announcement, the snack foods company announced the finalists for its annual Do Us a Flavor competition, in which the best crowd-sourced ideas from couch potatoes the nation over get turned into limited-edition releases. For 2017, you'll find fried green tomato, everything bagel with cream cheese and crispy taco for a limited time on your junk food aisle shelves. While we're still recovering from other foods that probably shouldn't have been turned into snacks, we'd be lying if we said we weren't curious as to how these flavors taste.

Lay's is also calling on fellow snack food junkies to go through the arduous task of trying out each of the flavors and voting for their favorite. (The creator of the winning flavor will receive a cool $1 million.)