The Best Pizza In Italy: Pepe In Grani

It's time to put the town of Caiazzo on your travel bucket list

Last night, the 50 Top Pizza awards crowned the very best pizzerias in Italy, and, no, you won't be finding the number one pie in Rome.

To identify the best of the best flour-dusted institutions, the organization behind the awards created a short list of 900 contenders before sending 100 anonymous inspectors throughout the country to visit each of them, Fine Dining Lovers reports. And though you would probably never turn down a slice of Margherita no matter where you are in Italy, you'll be surprised which restaurant came out on top.

Pepe in Grani in Caiazzo took the crown, beating out restaurants in major pizza hubs such as Naples and Florence. For those of you suddenly interested in exchanging your plane tickets to Rome, the commune of Caiazzo lies in the Campania region of southern Italy. And though the small town is a detour on your vacation to the Amalfi Coast, the journey might be worth it just so you can try one of owner Franco Pepe's pies. (Devout fanatics can even book one of the two rooms right above the restaurant for the ultimate pizza pilgrimage.)