How To Remember To Turn Off The Stove

Never worry about an imaginary house fire again

Some of us can leave home, confident that nothing will be askew by the time we come back. Then there's some of us who insist on turning the car around to triple-check that the garage is closed, the door indeed locked and that, yes, the stove is, in fact, turned off. If you fall into the latter set (as most of us tend to do), Lifehacker has a simple but brilliant solution. And, no, it doesn't involve buying a new high-tech rangeĀ or a set of shiny $1,000 burnerĀ knobs.

Just take a picture of your stove or oven dials before you leave.

It may sound silly, but now the next time you're boarding a plane bound for the other side of the world (or are just leaving for work for the day), when your mind starts to play the twisted game of "Did I turn everything off," all you need to do is check the photo you snapped.

Of course, this hack doesn't necessarily apply to just your oven: Thermostats, curling irons and everything else that sends you into a dizzying panic once you've pulled out of the driveway also apply to this tip. And as one of Lifehacker's commenters points out, forgetful drivers can use this as a way to remember where they parked. (That is, until they lose track of their phones.)