This Beer Is Specifically For The Shower

Meet the punchy brew that's revolutionizing your favorite pregame ritual

Anyone who's ever been 22 understands the special refreshing taste of a shower beer enjoyed during the traditional Saturday-night pregame. (Or for some of us, the hair-of-the-dog Sunday-morning shower beer with less-than-optimal results.) Yet, in all its glory, the shower beer sometimes falls flat. You're forced to chug most of the beverage before finishing your shower, not to mention the steam escalates your brew's temperature a little too quickly.

Thankfully, Swedish brewery Pangpang and creative agency Snask are here to change all that. The two have collaborated to create Shower Beer: a brew specifically made to be consumed in the shower. In other words, lager, rinse, repeat.

OK, so it's not actually a lager, but we're not ones to pass up a mediocre pun. Shower Beer is a "sweet but strong pale ale" that you're meant to "gulp in three sips while standing in the shower getting ready for the night," according to a product announcement Snask recently posted on design site Behance. At just six ounces, you can easily down the mini bottle in a single 10-minute shower, and at 10 percent ABV, each packs an even stronger alcoholic punch than the average beer. The more compact glass bottle also keeps your drink cool while you sip.

There's just one problem here: Only shower beer amateurs would attempt to sip a wet, slippery shower beer out of a glass bottle. That said, this bottle does appear to fit nicely in your hand, but hold on tight anyway.

While the brewery says "the first batch sold out instantly at the release party," a second batch is currently in the works. So you might want to start cranking up that hot water right about now.