Where To Buy Cheap Groceries Online

Say goodbye to your rent-week struggle

When it comes to brand loyalty, there's no doubt that during our weekly grocery runs, our hands have an automatic tendency to steer toward the flashy names we know and love. Have your mom tag along with you to the supermarket, though, and chances are she'll smack down your blind allegiance to the big brand and instead grab the cheaper, generic label she claims is just as good.

That's the idea behind Brandless, a San Francisco-based company that just launched its online store today, where every single item, from housewares to pantry essentials (yes, including your extra-virgin coconut oil), comes in at $3 or less.

The founders, Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler, explain that the company is able to keep Brandless's products down to rent-week-friendly prices by eliminating the marketing costs major brands have to dedicate to maintaining their image. The company also uses those extra savings to make sure its nameless brand items are as high quality as possible, with many of them being eco-friendly, organic or non-GMO. 

And though The Wall Street Journal notes that some of the retailer's prices are a touch more expensive than some national mega brands, when compared to other high-end names like Whole Foods' 365 label, Brandless does, in fact, come in at a much cheaper cost.