Brunch Cocktail Ideas: Spritz Recipes

Take a break from the Bloody Marys with these choose-your-own-adventure cocktails

Cocktails are a must for brunch, but it's time to think outside the mimosas and Bloody Marys to complement the thoughtful dishes you've planned (pineapple buns, anyone?). Our favorite solution is a make-your-own spritz bar that lets guests get creative with their beverages and gives you one less thing to worry about.

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Light and refreshing, spritzes are an excellent choice for summer. The basic recipe is simple: two parts juice, two parts sparkling wine (or seltzer) and one part spirit (tequila, gin or vodka). The key ingredient is the juice, which creates the base of the spritz, so choose a few versatile options that will inspire an array of combinations. Tropical juices are natural choices for the bar, and our favorite is DOLE® Canned Pineapple Juice, the star of recipes like this Pineapple Paradise Soda (which needs just a shot of tequila for an adult twist) or the herbaceous Pineapple Basil Refresher made with vodka.

Add-ins are the next place to get creative. Sliced cucumbers go great if you're serving gin and also add complexity to fruity drinks. Fresh herbs like basil and rosemary layer in unexpected savory notes that also temper tart citrus. Muddled berries introduce seasonal sweetness without overpowering.

Speakeasy-worthy garnishes also make a spritz unique. Premade citrus wheels, a piece of candied ginger and a lime zest-salt blend are just a few ways to add the perfect final touch. For more ideas on setting up the bar (and winning at brunch), check out the handy printable guide. Cheers!