The Best Fish Taco Recipe 2017

Ludo Lefebvre lets us in on his family recipe for fish tacos

When one of the best chefs in the country offers you a family recipe, you accept it with open arms. When that chef is Ludo Lefebvre of L.A.'s Trois Mec and Petit Trois, and the recipe is for fish tacos, you start prepping the fryer immediately. Will this ruin all other fish tacos for the rest of time? We don't want to spoil your summer but . . .  

We got out our hands on Ludo's family recipe for beer-battered halibut tacos with spicy chipotle mayo (see the recipe). And it's every bit as crave worthy as it sounds.

Ludo and his wife, Krissy, have been making these tacos since 2011, and they've become such a hit with their six-year-old twins, Luca and Rêve, that now they're a family staple. The twins even help out making the tacos. "It's fun for the kids to get messy and really feel the food with their hands," Krissy says.

Though the recipe calls for halibut, you can use any flaky white fish, like cod, haddock or catfish. "Make sure your oil is hot enough before you drop the fish, and have your paper towel-lined plate and tongs ready," Krissy advises. As for the beer, Krissy recommends adding it in batches to the batter to make sure it stays light and frothy.

The real star is the mayo, which you'll be tempted to use on everything from sandwiches to burgers. "The sour cream and mayonnaise are a great base for the heat of the smoky adobo sauce and chipotle peppers," Krissy, who loves the citrus and bold heat, explains.

And the kicker? The Lefebvres crumble tortilla chips into the taco, which lends a crunchy texture to contrast the soft flour tortilla.  

It's not a complicated taco, but it hits all the right notes, which is no surprise, seeing as it comes from the home of one of L.A.'s brightest chefs and his multitalented wife, who currently runs the management company that handles all of Ludo's businesses, including restaurant partnerships, licensing and entertainment deals, endorsements, and social media.

Almost 18 years into marriage, the couple still makes time for each other at home, despite their busy lives. Whipping up these tacos with their kids is one activity that never fails.

When asked if the tacos ever appear at Ludo's restaurants, Krissy replies, "Never; this is purely for our home audience!"

So take this family recipe and make it at home with your family this summer. You might even start your own annual tradition.