Best Canned Rosé

Not all rosés are created equal

If Rosé All Day is your mantra, then you're probably already on board with summer's hottest iteration: canned rosé. Canned wine in general has been growing in popularity over the past couple years, with more companies jumping on the bandwagon and releasing new products. And this year, it's all about the pink stuff.

The best part about canned rosé? It's easy to grab and go. Forget the glasses and wine opener; these light and portable cans are perfect for the beach or pool, meaning nothing stands in your way of cracking open a cold one.

Depending on your preference, there are lots of options available, including both sparkling and still rosé wine. To find the best, we rallied our editors on a late Tuesday afternoon to do a blind taste test of the most popular brands. For variety, we did a mix of both sparkling and regular, but in the end, there were two clear winners.

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Our Top Picks:

① Best Sparkling Rosé: Presto Sparkling Rosé, $13 for a four-pack

This sparkling rosé was a crowd favorite and the clear winner. Fresh fruit aromas lend to crisp flavors of raspberry and strawberry, and overall, the editors felt it was the most balanced, making it great for mixing in cocktails. Grab a four-pack at your local Whole Foods Market.

② Best Rosé Wine: Backpack Wine Cheeky Rose, $16 for a four-pack

The team had never tried this brand before but were glad they did. This dry wine is a blend of Washington State Pinot Blanc and Sangiovese Rosé with hints of peach, strawberry and rose petal. The taste and smell can be described as floral and worthy of any summertime picnic.


Ruza Rosé, $14 for a three-pack

If you prefer lighter rosés, this one's for you. Not sweet enough for some of the tasters, it has subtle notes of rose petal and fruit.

The Drop Rosé Wine, $20 for a four-pack

Briefly put off by the smell inside the can, this wine tasted better than expected. It's light and refreshing, and something you'll want to sip all summer long.

Una Lou Rosé, $40 for a four-pack

The latest product from California's Scribe Winery is a pretty straightforward rosé: dry with subtle, sweet afternotes. This one would be great paired with cheese or a pint of the company's own rosé ice cream, which you can read about here.

House Wine Rosé, $36 for a six-pack

This was popular among editors who love sweet and fruity wines. It is reminiscent of Moscato in a good way. Not only did our editors pick up on fruit, but one taster specifically mentioned stone fruit like peaches and apricots.

Simpler Wines Rosé, $4 for a four-pack

If you're shopping on a budget, this canned rosé is the best deal you're going to find. It's sold exclusively at Trader Joe's and goes for a dollar a can. Don't let the price scare you though; the wine is actually pretty good.

Underwood Rosé Wine, $28 for a four-pack

This smooth rosé goes down easy but also has a little bite to it, our editors found. If you're looking for a wine to sip on all day, this is your match. If bubbles are your thing, Underwood also sells a sparkling rosé that's crispy and refreshing.

Sofia Brut Sparkling Rosé, $20 for a four-pack

First off, this bubbly wine gets points, because it comes with a straw attached to the can for easy sipping. It's made from a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and tastes like pomegranates and strawberries. Although some taste-testers thought it had too many bubbles, it was well received overall.

Rosé All Day, $13 for a four-pack

This rosé was actually pretty refreshing, considering it came from a can. The editor's found it to be fruity and dry, with prominent flavors of strawberry and grapefruit. And with a name like Rosé All Day, you really can't go wrong.