Ina Garten Flag Cake

No one can do it quite like the Barefoot Contessa

A Fourth of July barbecue just isn't the same without a red, white and blue dessert. We're talking chocolate dipped-strawberries, Jell-O trifles, pies and the very popular flag cake. So when you want to make a beautiful dish that's guaranteed to impress your guests, you call in the expert: Ina Garten.

Garten has been making the patriotic cake for years, and as she demonstrates in her latest Instagram post, she can decorate a flawless cake in record time. She starts with a vanilla sponge cake iced in a buttercream frosting, then places each individual blueberry and raspberry, and uses the leftover icing to pipe the flag's white stripes.

Garten is encouraging all of her fans to create one themselves, and then post a picture using the hashtag #BCflagcake. Not sure about you, but we could watch this video over and over.