The Eiffel Tower Zip Line Is Now Open

See the city from a new perspective

A trip to Paris would not be complete without a picture by the Eiffel Tower, but what if you had the chance to see the Parisian landmark from a different point of view? Now you can, thanks to Perrier, the bottled-water company that installed a zip line running from the tower to the L'École Militaire.

Appropriately called the Le Perrier Smash, the free ride was created to help promote the French Open, giving fans and tourists the chance to take in the scenery 375 feet in the air.

Thrill seekers will fly across the Champs de Mars at about 55 mph, with the ride lasting about one minute. Unfortunately, it's open only from June 5 to 11, and just 100 lucky people will get to experience it each day. So get there early.