Which Foods Can You Travel With?

These snacks have landed on the no-fly list

Though a lot has changed since 2009 (RIP, Lost and Celebrity Family Feud), the strict list of food items that can and can't be brought through security at airports has stayed pretty much the same. You can put on your best French accent, but your fresh-baked Brie is never going to make it past the TSA, which recently updated the list of food items that aren't allowed on flights.

When that mid-flight hunger hits, you'll be munching on a measly bag of pretzels, dreaming of the items below you had to leave behind, as you flip through that SkyMall magazine. Sure, you can get away with cakes, pies, apples, bananas, oranges and sandwiches, but forget trying to get through with these items:

① Wine, liquor and beer

② Creamy dips and spreads (sorry, guac lovers)

③ Gravy

④ Jam

⑤ Jellies

⑥ Salad dressings

⑦ Salsa

⑧ Sauces

⑨ Oils and vinegars

⑩ Soup

⑪ Yogurt

In general, the TSA allows solid foods to be carried on, or stowed in your checked bag, but liquid or gel food items larger than 3.4 ounces are allowed only in checked bags. Not sure if your snack makes the cut? The TSA has an app for that.