The Best Bottle Of Rosé To Buy

A sommelier gives us his top pick

The time of year has come when Summer Friday-ers and happy hour haunters alike are brazenly swirling glasses of pink wine on sidewalks across the country without a care in the world. And whether you're hitting your local hangout or having friends over, there's no denying rosé has become a go-to summertime staple. Jesse Warner-Levine, certified sommelier and owner of Convive Wines in NYC, explains, "It's appropriate for all types of spring and summer vegetables, grilled foods, and will satisfy both white and red wine drinkers. 

So then, which rosé should you really be drinking this summer?

One of Warner-Levine's current favorites is the 2016 Bieler Pere et Fils Rose. This affordable wine from Provence can be had for less than an Andrew Jackson and, despite the modest price, has a surprisingly complex profile that includes flavors of lavender, wild raspberries and tart cherries.

Should you find yourself still wandering aimlessly at a wineshop or wine bar, follow a few of Warner-Levine's cardinal rules for picking the perfect bottle:

 Buy from a store or restaurant you trust. Do your homework and develop a rapport with your local wineshop, and you'll never walk away empty-handed. 

②  Spring for the most recent vintage. "Rosé is meant to be drank. Great producers deserve a year or two of age, but most $15 rosés need to be consumed the following year," he says.

 Do as the French do. If you're still left staring dumbfounded at a wall of pink at the liquor store, sticking to a French producer is always a good choice. Rosé originated in the South of France, so any varietal from that region is often "a safe bet."