The Best Kid-Friendly Cooking Tools

These tools make cooking a fun family affair

Trust us: It's never too early to start cultivating the foodie itch inside your kid. Even if they're still trying to learn how to grip the handlebars of a bike, that doesn't mean there's no room for them in the kitchen.

As long as you stock your kitchen with these nine kid-friendly pieces of cooking equipment, you'll always have an extra set of (tiny) hands when it comes time to make dinner. Now if only they made some kid-friendly tools to get them to help out with the dishes...

Darth Vader Lightsaber Immersion Blender 

Yes, immersion blenders excel at puréeing soups, making smoothies and smoothing out lumpy gravies safely and easily, but let's cut the small talk. All of us know the only reason we're eyeing this particular model (whose blade detaches for easy cleaning) is because it's Darth Vader themed., $41

Photo: Pangea Brands via Facebook

Plastic-Handled Dough Scraper 

One of the most basic (and yet somehow difficult) tasks even for grown-up cooks is the act of transferring ingredients from cutting board to bowl. This plastic-handled bench scraper makes quick work of the job and does double duty cutting through soft foods for when your kiddo isn't ready to yield a knife just yet., $22

Photo: Sur la Table

Vintage Draper Denim Adult and Kids Apron Set 

Your children are already messy creatures to begin with, before they even step foot into the kitchen. Keep them clean less dirty with this stylish apron. (The fact that you get your own is just a bonus.), $47

Photo: @_asd_living via Instagram

3 Step Wood Step Stool

Blink and before you know it your kids will have grown taller than you and will be packing their bags for college. Until then, this sturdy, multitiered step stool will help your short, four-foot tikes reach the counter., $139

Photo: Courtesy of Wayfair

Sur La Table Veggie Prep Station,

It's a scary day when your kid asks if he can cut an onion by himself. Before handing over a bona fide knife, try out this safe all-in-one gadget that dices, slices and even juliennes all with a push of the lid. The food spills into a plastic container, keeping your counter clean, to boot. $30

Photo: Sur la Table

Nest 9 Plus Nesting Bowl Set 

Both practical and space saving, this set of handled measuring cups and mixing bowls come with no-slip bottoms, meaning they stay put no matter how spirited cookie-making sessions get., $50

Photo: Courtesy of Joseph Joseph

5 Piece Chopping Board Set

Four flexible, easy-to-use and color-coded cutting mats slide into the pocket of this luxurious bamboo cutting board, making it a kitchen present both you and your kid will enjoy using., $125

Photo: Courtesy of BergHOFF Worldwide

Microplane Grater

A kitchen workhorse you'll be using yourself every day, the Microplane makes quick work of mincing garlic and other ingredients without your kids ever needing to touch a knife. They'll also be excited to go to town on a hunk of Parm when it comes time for spaghetti night., $30

Photo: Microplane Kitchen via Facebook

Prepara Salad Choppers

The plastic blades of these handheld choppers won't chip your fine china yet are still sharp enough to cut through salad fixings without bruising tender leaves. Who knows—with a little hope and some crossed fingers, your kids might grow to enjoy making and eating salad., $26.

Photo: Wayfair