Best Food Gifts For Graduates

These are way better than a new briefcase

Your graduating senior might not have been hosting a fancy dorm room supper club, but that doesn't mean he or she hasn't been learning to cook things other than instant noodles over the last four years. Now transitioning from sticky communal kitchens to a bona fide, grown-up apartment, it's time reward your food-loving grad with actual cooking equipment that didn't come from a dollar store.

Don't worry, we're sure Aunt Deb has plenty of books with spiritual advice on "finding yourself" covered.

① Keurig K250 Compact Brewer ($130)

Sipping on scorched cups of Folgers is something best left to finals week. Help make adjusting to the nine-to-five grind easier with this compact, apartment-friendly version of the real alarm clock grown adults depend upon.

Photo: @keurig via Instagram

② Fizzics Waytap ($160)

Cheap beer habits die hard, especially after years of beer pong tournaments and power hours. The Fizzics Waytap slips over a standard beer bottle and uses ultrasonic waves to make even the cheapest pilsner taste like a draft pour.

Photo: Fizzics Group via Facebook

 "Twelve Recipes" ($27)

Cal Peternell, chef of San Francisco's famed Chez Panisse, wrote this learner's manual after realizing he never taught his college-bound son how to cook. The crash course focuses on the core recipes every person should know, presented in a sophisticated format that doesn't scream "You don't know how to cook!" when left on the kitchen counter.

④ Le Creuset 2-Quart Dutch Oven ($210)

Chances are your food-loving grad has already been eyeing a cast-iron Le Creuset pan. This two-quart version is priced just enough to show you care. Plus, the tidy size is perfect for single-serving dinners.

Photo: @lecrueset via Instagram

⑤ Instant Pot Ultra ($149)

Careless roommates meant college was never the time to splurge on fancy equipment. Gift your grad with the all-in-one pressure cooker that's sure to become a weeknight saving grace.

Photo: @instantpoteats via Instagram

⑥ Trinity Stemless Red Wine Glasses ($80 for six)

Trust us, they'll appreciate not having to drink Robert Shaw out of red Solo cups anymore. These unfussy wineglasses are still classy enough to be used in their first grown-up dinner party . . . one you'll hopefully be invited to.

Photo: @zakdesigns via Instagram

⑦ HelloFresh Delivery Service ($10 a meal)

Nobody said the transition from getting out of class by noon to sitting in traffic until 6 p.m. was easy. Make the introduction to corporate cubicle life more bearable with a few week's worth of ready-to-cook meals.

Photo: HelloFresh

⑧ Wüsthof Epicure Stainless Steel Cook's Knife ($189)

They've dealt with worn-out Ikea knives for long enough. This jack-of-all-trades chef's knife makes Meal Prep Sunday a breeze and is sturdy enough you won't grimace when you see it hanging out in their dishwasher.

Photo @wustohf via Instagram

⑨ Personalized Cocktail Set ($74)

This custom engraved cocktail kit will hopefully be the start of their home bar—one that isn't stocked with cheap plastic handles of vodka.

Photo: @cathysconcepts via Instagram

⑩ Petrified Wood Coaster Set ($48 for four)

As your grad moves into a new apartment and buys that first piece of expensive furniture, the importance of coasters after all these years will finally register. 

Photo: Spring