Kentucky Derby Party Ideas

Earn yourself a spot in the winner's circle with these helpful tips

Just because you can't make it down to Churchill Downs to enjoy the action doesn't mean you can't host your own winning viewing party at home. To make sure you end up coming in first, we've pulled together a list of seven essentials guaranteed to make your Derby party the best in town.

① Mint Julep Cups

It's not a Kentucky Derby party without mint juleps, and the only true way to serve this storied classic is in fancy silver cups. Splurge for stainless steel or keep it simple with untreated metal or copper.

② Beverage Dispenser

Old-fashioned homemade lemonade is the perfect nonalcoholic addition to your drink selection. A beverage dispenser makes it easy for guests to serve themselves, so all you have to do is keep an eye out for when it needs a refill. This container also comes in handy if you're planning on batching your mint juleps instead of serving them individually.

③ Mason Jars

Mason jars are great glassware options for both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. They're convenient, inexpensive, charmingly Southern and, most importantly, adorable.

④ Tasting Glasses

These classy sippers are for those guests who prefer to skip the mixers and go straight for the hard stuff. 

⑤ Horse-Shaped Display Stand

Showcase your finger foods or desserts on this uniquely elegant serving stand that fits right in with the day's events. 

⑥ Kentucky Derby Cookie CuttersA post shared by cookietray (@cookietray) on Apr 30, 2017 at 2:57pm PDT

Keep the festivities going all night with treats made from these cute hat-, horse-, rose- and horseshoe-shaped cookie cutters. 

⑦ Themed Dishes and Napkins

Everybody knows that using paper dishes and napkins is the best way to ensure easy cleanup. Thankfully, there are dozens of patterns and colors to match any theme.