Joy The Baker Cooking Challenge Video

We challenge Joy Wilson to make brunch with only $20 bucks in less than 20 minutes

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"You can make anything a frittata!" says Joy Wilson, of Joy the Baker blog fame, as she drops a handful of onions into a sizzling skillet—but only time will tell.

Watch as we welcome Wilson to the Tasting Table headquarters for our $20x20 challenge, in which we give industry professionals a $20 budget to spend at our local bodega, then cook a meal with their pickings in less than 20 minutes. Can she do it?

As the author of the recently published cookbook, Over Easy, which covers all things brunch and breakfast, Wilson naturally chooses to go with the mighty frittata, but probably not the kind you're used to (egg noodles, anyone?).

Will Wilson prove valiant? Or will she sweat her way through like the onions in her pan? Watch the video to find out.