This Darth Vader Helmet Grill Is Perfect For Barbecues

Just what our summer barbecues have been missing

Star Wars fans won't have to wait until December when The Last Jedi releases to get their fix of a "galaxy far, far away." English company Burned by Design just unveiled a new Darth Vader helmet-shaped wood-burning grill for all your barbecue needs—just in time for summer.  

Unsurprisingly, the Internet can't get enough of the attention-grabbing grill, which is handmade out of a propane gas cylinder.

The Vader grill's hinged BBQ lid captures that perfect helmet shape, and stainless steel mesh creates those signature Vader eyes. But this contraption is more than just for looks: It also features a two-level charcoal grill and a swivel cooking grill, which specializes in themed wood burners and fire pits, according to the company.

Looking to build out your collection of Star Wars gear in time for the premiere? The company also creates handcrafted burners featuring stormtroopers and R2-D2.

Though the grill itself is modestly priced (about $500), international fans will be cursing the Galactic Empire—shipping costs to the U.S. start at $190, excluding import duties and taxes. If you're a true fan, that's a small price to pay for grilling glory.