Creamless Fettuccine Alfredo

What it's lacking in cream, it makes up in flavor

As far as pasta sauces go, Alfredo presents a tough challenge: It's at once delicious enough yet far too heavy to eat every day. What's a carb lover to do?

Enter ripe California Avocados, which serve as a nutritious substitute to Alfredo's traditional cream. By using them strategically, you'll land yourself a luscious but light pasta in no time at all.

Recipe: Creamless Fettuccine Alfredo with California Avocados

In this recipe, a good squeeze of lemon gives the avocado sauce a hint of brightness; black pepper lends a touch of spice; chopped parsley and toasted pine nuts add a textural layer; and a sprinkling of Parm offers a nutty, umami-rich finale.

With a pasta this good, you'll soon be twirling the night away.