Batali And Tower Are Opening A Restaurant

We're packing our bags

Earlier this week, Jeremiah Tower, a man who in many ways defined California cuisine in the last quarter of the 20th century at Chez Panisse and later at his hit spot Stars, hinted that he would consider getting back in the kitchen. "If Mario Batali would like to open a restaurant on the Amalfi Coast with me, I would do it," he told Bon Appétit.  

Today, Batali Tweets that the duo is in fact in the early planning stages of precisely that.

They're currently looking for a space between Atrani and Vietri on Italy's stunning Amalfi Coast, Eater reports.

If this restaurant comes to fruition, this won't be the first time Tower, who is in his mid 70s, has come out of retirement. He left his quiet life in Mérida, Mexico, in late 2014 to helm the floundering Tavern on the Green. Unable to turn it around, he left less than six months in, retreating back to Mérida. These days, he likes to walk to the local market in the morning for a $1 soft taco, which sounds pretty hard to give up. But for a life on the Amalfi Coast with Batali? Yeah, we would consider that, too.