Boozy Popsicles From Pops

Chill out this summer with these frozen treats

With summer just a few weeks away, we can already tell the theme of the season is going to be Prosecco. First there was edible glitter for your sparkling wine, then came Blumond blue Prosecco from Italian wine company Fratelli Saraceni. Now the latest has us craving a new way to enjoy our favorite libations: boozy popsicles.

The brilliant frozen treats are created by the company Pops and come in a variety of flavors including Prosecco, Champagne, rosé and Bellini. They even offer cocktail options like watermelon martini and Moscow Mule. Each pop contains about 4 percent alcohol and is made with all-natural ingredients, according to the site.

Don't get too excited just yet though, because these icy treats are available only in the UK, but you can try to order them here. While you wait for these pops to hit the U.S., try creating your own with our recipes for pineapple, cilantro, blackberry and vodka ice pops and strawberry sangria ice pop cocktails.