Pickle Juice Soda Is Now Available

Calling all pickle lovers

After talking about Unicorn Frappuccinos and all-black desserts these past few weeks, we're excited to bring you some slightly saltier news that's going to make pickle fans very happy.

Pickle juice-flavored products have been a popular trend over the past few years—there's pickle juice in a can, pickle juice soup and pickle candy canes—and now a chain of shops in Pennsylvania and Ohio is taking that obsession to a whole new level. Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop announced that it will start selling Pickle Juice Soda in stores and online.

According to the site, it's made with pure cane sugar, and so far, people have mixed feelings about the news and taste. While we're not sure if we'd drink it straight, it seems like a great chaser for a pickleback.

Do you think you'd try this briny new soda? Leave your responses below.