Trader Joe's New Coffee Syrup

The buzzy brew is here only for a limited time

Find yourself reaching for the French press long after socially acceptable coffee-drinking hours? Trader Joe's new coffee syrup was made with you in mind.

Anyone from Rhode Island can attest to the magic of coffee syrup (especially when poured copiously into a glass of milk), and Trader Joe's promises its version's pure blend of just cane sugar, water and coffee is a serious upgrade to the brands of your childhood. The announcement suggests using it "to make milkshakes, to top ice cream, or to bring sweet, authentic, coffee flavor to your dessert recipes." TJ's even fearlessly suggests using it to sweeten your a.m. cup of java, for those Monday mornings when a dark black roast just won't cut it.

The grocery store chain states these 16-ounce bottles of elixir are available for just a limited time, so we suggest stocking up while you're nabbing those cases of $1 canned wine.